Soft Washing: Your Eco-Friendly Solution for a Cleaner Home & Environment

Published on: October 19th, 2023

Our priority is to protect your home exterior from harmful elements and minimise the need for frequent maintenance. We achieve this by eliminating mould, mildew, and other harmful substances, which improves the appearance and health of your home while prolonging the time between paintings.

At Chemwash, we prioritise your home’s well-being while ensuring that we minimise any risks of damage to your home and the environment. Therefore, we use soft washing, which has several environmental advantages over high-pressure water blasting. Learn more about these eco-friendly benefits below!

Biodegradable Detergents: A Green Cleaning Revolution

One of the standout features of soft washing is using biodegradable detergents. Unlike traditional pressure washing, which often relies on harsh chemicals that can harm the environment and your home exterior, soft washing employs specially formulated, eco-friendly detergents. These detergents break down and remove unwanted build-up naturally.

Water Conservation: Saving a Precious Resource

Soft washing uses significantly less water compared to traditional pressure washing. This water-efficient method achieves the same exceptional results while reducing water waste. By choosing soft washing for your exterior cleaning, you preserve your home’s appearance and help conserve water.

Safe Environment for All: Pets, Plants, and People

Soft washing prioritises the safety of people, pets, and plants. The gentle approach of soft washing ensures no harm to your furry friends, the surrounding vegetation, or family members. Traditional pressure washing can be abrasive and potentially damage surfaces or harm nearby plants, but soft washing guarantees everyone a safe and secure cleaning process.

Protecting Our Environment

Kiwis are moving to reduce waste, adopting electric vehicles to reduce emissions, and shifting towards natural cleaning products for a healthier home. Soft washing is a simple yet impactful way to contribute to a greener world by choosing environmentally friendly options, reducing water consumption and less harm to our environment when it comes to home maintenance needs.


Book Your Annual Maintenance Plans!

To keep your property in top condition, it’s important to maintain its exterior. Depending on your location, such as the seaside or CBD, the right maintenance plan and frequency will help ensure your property stays in peak condition.

To make this easier for you, Chemwash provides an annual exterior maintenance plan that eliminates the need for repeat one-off service. We will schedule maintenance at suitable intervals throughout the year and coordinate our visits to avoid disturbance. Giving you peace of mind, your property is being taken care of regularly.

Learn more about annual plans and request a free, no-obligation quote. Together, we can protect your home and preserve the planet.


Your property is our priority!

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"Just a quick message to say what a great job you did cleaning every nook and cranny of our place. It has been money worth spending when it comes to getting the house ready for selling. I will highly recommend your company to others. Many thanks to you and your hard working boys."