Why is a low-pressure wash better for your home exteriors?

Published on: November 17th, 2021

Washing Your Home’s Exterior Is Essential

It’s common knowledge that regular car washing is a must for car owners. But what about your home’s exterior? Your home is your biggest investment and it’s exposed to the elements day in and day out. This makes your exterior walls, roof, gutters, and windows susceptible to moss, mould, and unsightly buildup. By washing your home’s exterior, you can keep your surfaces clean and maintain their best condition for a longer period of time.


Low-Pressure: The Safer Option

Before you pick up the water blaster, consider the risks of high-pressure cleaning. Most water blasters use a water pressure of around 2,000-5,000 psi, sometimes even higher. Water blasting often causes significant damage, especially if it’s a DIY job. Potential damage can include wearing down surfaces, damage to paintwork, water getting in behind the cladding, window breakage, and more costly repairs.

Therefore, using low pressure to clean your home’s exterior is much safer. At Chemwash, we use water pressure around 600-1,000psi, so the risk of surface damage is almost non-existent. Rather than relying on sheer water pressure for results, we utilise our biodegradable detergents to ease away dirt and grime. That means we can achieve the same great results without harming your property.


Leave it to the experts.

As a homeowner, you know that cleaning your house, roof, windows, and gutters is a daunting task. You need the right tools and have to set aside significant time, usually on the weekends. Why not let a professional handle these jobs for you? By doing so, you can spend your weekends doing things you enjoy. Moreover, professional cleaning will last longer than a DIY job, so you won’t have to do it as frequently. At Chemwash, we provide free personalised quotes for your property. We also guarantee your satisfaction, so there’s no risk involved.




Chemwash - An Update On Asbestos
Chemwash - An Update On Asbestos

Learn more about our training and process of identifying asbestos on the job. Our primary goal is to protect the well-being of our staff, your property, and you.

Selling Your Home? Exterior Cleaning Can Help.
Selling Your Home? Exterior Cleaning Can Help.

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3 Reasons DIY Water Blasting Can't Compete with Chemwash
3 Reasons DIY Water Blasting Can't Compete with Chemwash

Cutting corners with exterior cleaning may lead to unforeseen consequences. Learn why Chemwash is the best option for safe and efficient exterior cleaning that helps protect your investment.

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