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We Really Can Clean Anything

We can handle any exterior cleaning challenge you throw our way. If the surface can get wet, we can help, simple as that. We encourage you to get in touch if you’d like something cleaned, even if it’s not one of our standard services. To give you some ideas, here are a few special exterior surfaces we commonly look after.

Outdoor Furniture

If your wooden outdoor furniture is looking old and grey, Chemwash can help restore it to near original condition. While it may be tempting to simply get the water blaster out, this can actually damage the furniture. Because the high water pressure roughens the wood as it cleans, it is likely to result in splintering. On the other hand, the Chemwash low pressure system is completely safe to use, attacking the dirt without affecting the surfaces. This is because most of the ‘hard work’ is done by our eco-friendly detergents rather than sheer water pressure.

If you’re looking for the safest way to clean outdoor furniture, look no further than Chemwash Wellington.

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Sports Surfaces

From tennis courts to netball courts, we can help to clean and restore sports surfaces. Our cleaning methods produce great results on astroturf, asphalt and plexiwave. We’ll remove dirt, mould and algae, without actually damaging the surface itself.

As well as looking great, a Chemwash clean will also significantly reduce the risk of slipping, so players will be able to enjoy their games safely.

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Rural Properties

If you own a rural property such as a farm, cleaning is not one of the jobs you want to do. It can be very time consuming, and holds you back from doing the work you would rather be doing. That’s why Chemwash has a range of rural clean services for you to make use of. We specialise in cleaning and maintaining sheds (interior and exterior), fencing, walls, machinery and equipment.

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Children’s outdoor play areas face off against the elements day in, day out. However, they can often be neglected when it comes to cleaning. This not only means they start to look old and tired, they can also become more slippery. The more dirt and grime builds up over time, the more dangerous the surfaces will become for children. A Chemwash clean will not only restore playground equipment and keep it looking great, it’ll also reduce slip significantly, keeping it safer for longer.

If you’re looking for playground cleaning services in Wellington, contact Chemwash today.

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Whatever the outdoor surface, we can clean it. If you have a special exterior cleaning request, we'd love to hear from you.

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