House Washing

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Don’t damage expensive surfaces around your home with potentially abrasive water blasting. Our revolutionary system uses specially formulated products to ease away mess, leaving a damage-free, sparkling clean & sterile surface.

We have a range of products to tackle any cleaning situation, removing unsightly dirt build-up, mould, fungus, lichen, carbon, soot, grease, oil or plain old grime.  Our detergents kill mould, fungus & lichen but will not harm vegetation – it’s also safe around children & pets.

House Washing

Safely clean your house with a Chemwash house wash, letting your home shine. The revolutionary Chemwash system uses specially-formulated products to ease away dirt, grime, build-up, grease and soot – without damage! Our detergents also kill mould, fungus & lichen but will not harm vegetation, and are safe to use around children and pets. If your house is green and slimy or covered in dirt, you will be amazed at the results.

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Moss, Mould & Lichen Control

A Chemwash treatment is the safe & easy way to clean away moss, mould, & lichen from all your exterior surfaces. Our spray & leave treatment is safe, non-toxic, and fast acting, without causing any damage. There is no scrubbing, harsh chemicals, or high pressure water blasting.

We simply apply the product to the fungi infested area, which then kills the fungi and spores within hours. The weather then does the rest, washing the mess away and leaving a beautiful clean surface.

For your peace of mind, our treatments are guaranteed to work, and we can even provide you with a written guarantee if your require.

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