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Commercial Pest Control

All pests controlled. Professional long term solutions.

Keeping your workplace pest free is simple, just give us a call! Our methods are safe & effective, and we have many non-toxic solutions available. Our prices are very competitive, and all our treatments comes with full warranties. All of our technicians are also fully trained & qualified approved handlers, with current certifications for inspection upon request.

Ant Control Specialists

Ants are the number one pest in Wellington, once they establish themselves inside your wall cavities they are impossible to remove… until now!

We use a new specially formulated treatment that can eliminate nests from your workplace. In most cases we do not even need to treat the inside of your building.

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Interior & exterior spraying annually will stop those cobwebs from appearing on the outside of your workplace, along with the spiders and insects from entering your property. The treatment works best after an exterior clean, and comes with a 6 month warranty.

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Wasp control is normally fairly straightforward for us, provided the nest is on your property, or you know where it is. If the nest is accessible, then our wasp treatments come with a full warranty that the nest won’t re-establish.

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Fly treatments require an internal and external spray for best results. All fly treatments also come with a 3-month warranty, lasting for the summer season. As with any of our internal treatments, we require all occupants to vacate the property for at least 4 hours after we have finished spraying, as this allows time for the product to dry on the window sills without anyone inhaling it as it evaporates.

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Rodent control requires a site visit for an inspection. Normally there will be some tasks we will need carried out either before or after the treatment, such as filling holes.

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Flea infestations can get out of hand quickly, especially if you own pets. They tend to thrive most in environments such as carpet, bedding, walls and hardwood floors. Our flea treatments are effective and safe for the interior of your home. Contact our experienced operators to put an end to your flea problem.

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Mt Victoria

"Just a quick message to say what a great job you did cleaning every nook and cranny of our place. It has been money worth spending when it comes to getting the house ready for selling. I will highly recommend your company to others. Many thanks to you and your hard working boys."