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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Chemwash has been in business for over 25 years with a proven track record of providing a professional service with exceptional results.  Our mission is to provide the best possible quality of workmanship and service, at a fair price. We clean carpet to the New Zealand carpet cleaning standard (AS/NZ 3733:1995), and all our technicians are trained to industry standards. We offer commercial carpet cleaning services all throughout the Wellington region.

Standard Carpet Clean

Choosing the right company to clean your carpets is very important, as using an inexperienced carpet cleaner or doing it yourself can be very dangerous, often costing you a lot more money, time, and stress than if you were to hire a professional.

Our standard 3 stage clean (vacuum, pre-spray and steam extraction) will leave your carpets looking and smelling great. For the best results however, we recommend our 8 stage carpet cleaning option, shown below.

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8 Stage Carpet Clean

Our 8 stage commercial carpet clean includes stain removal and rotary scrubbing for those stubborn marks. This is a much more thorough option, and achieves great results. If you are wanting a more comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning service, the 8 stage clean is for you. The process is as follws:

1: Inspection
2: Vacuum
3: Stain Removal
4: Hot Pre-Spray
5: Rotary Scrub
6: Steam Clean
7: Turbo Dry
8: Carpet Groom

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Carpet Protection

If keeping your carpets cleaner for longer is important to you, ask us about our carpet protection (extra charges apply). We apply a light mist over the carpet or upholstery once it has been cleaned. This puts an invisible coating on the carpet which repels dirt and spills. You will notice any spilled drinks will blot on the surface (like water on a waxed car) which gives you time to clean it up. If you do not get to a stain straight away, then the protection also gives us the best chance of removing next time we come to clean your carpets.

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