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Our Cleaning System

Low Pressure Soft Washing

The Chemwash Low Pressure Cleaning System

The Chemwash Low Pressure cleaning system is specialised for exterior cleaning of all exterior surfaces, including houses, buildings, concrete, property etc. Maintenance programmes may include ‘Spray and Leave’ treatment for roofs, concrete cleaning, or house washing for mould & lichen.

What is Low Pressure Cleaning?

Basically, the Chemwash cleaning process involves applying our detergents to the surface to be cleaned, then rinsing off with relatively low water pressure (about 600-1000psi, compared to 2000-5000+psi for a lot of water blasters). Fan spray nozzles are used to eliminate the possibility of damage to the surface being cleaned. Low pressure washing also uses a lot less actual water than the high-pressure water blasters.

Common Exteriors:
Our Cleaning System
Our Cleaning System

Our Chemwash Low Pressure Cleaning system is specialised for the cleaning of all exterior surfaces, without causing any damage.

Chemwash History
Chemwash History

Chemwash was formed in 1981 to market and apply a new cleaning technique, using non-poisonous and non-toxic detergents.

Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee

Our workmanship and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed. Looking after you and your property is our top priority.

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"We are very satisfied with the job done. Thoroughly clean and all areas required completely dealt with. Quiet, steady worker. Thank you Zane and Chemwash!"