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Why To Get A Low Pressure House Wash

Published on: November 17th, 2021

Washing Your Home’s Exterior Is Essential

Everyone knows that when you own a car, you need to wash it regularly. So, why wouldn’t you also wash your house? Your home is your largest investment, and faces the elements every single day. Because of this, your exterior walls, roof, gutters and windows all become vulnerable to moss, mould, and unsightly buildup. Washing your home’s exterior will not only keep your surfaces clean, they will also keep them in the best condition possible for longer.


Low Water Pressure Is Significantly Safer

Before you pick up the water blaster, you need to consider the risks of high pressure cleaning. Most water blasters clean with a water pressure of around 2,000-5,000psi, sometimes even higher. This means that water blasting often causes significant damage, especially if it’s a DIY job. Potential damage can include wearing down surfaces, damage to paint work, water getting in behind the cladding, window breakage and more.

Therefore, it is much safer to use low pressure to clean your home’s exterior. At Chemwash, the water pressure we use is around 600-1,000psi, so the risk of surface damage is almost non-existent. Rather than relying on sheer water pressure for results, we utilise our biodegradable detergents to ease away dirt and grime. That means we can achieve the same great results, without harming your property.


Hiring A Professional Saves You Time & Effort

Any homeowner will know that washing your house, roof, windows and gutters is a big job. Not only do you require the right equipment, you also need to carve a significant amount of time out of your schedule, usually weekends. Why not let a professional tick those jobs off your list for you? You can spend your weekends doing the things you’d rather be doing. The results from a professional clean will also last longer than a DIY clean, so you won’t need to have it done as often. At Chemwash, we offer free quotes, personalised to your property. Your satisfaction is also fully guaranteed, so you’ve got nothing to lose.




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